Feels from Fields

What is it that makes you proud to be Irish? For me, it varies! Is it our football fans singing a lullaby to a sleeping baby on a train? helping pensioners change a tyre? Is it the progressive changes to our constitution? I don’t feel the pangs of pride many […]

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Emma who is one half of the fantastic blogging duo ‘Prosecco, Penneys and Heels’ with the equally lovely Nicola. I sat down for a coffee and with Emma, who is a make-up extraordinaire, to learn a little bit about make-up dos and don’ts. Q: So lets jump straight in here, […]

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Gals for Giggles

I am a huge fan of female comics. I don’t mean that in any way sexist at all, I genuinely find women’s stand up to be far superior than their male counterparts. I LOVE stand up and I have watched countless stand up specials, TV shows and live performances. If, […]


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Well as some of you may know, I have been working with DermaPlump for a while now and I love it every bit as much as I did before I worked here. I discovered this brand about 6 months ago and instantly fell in love! I have been using the […]



The wait for the 2018 world cup is nearly over and our social media feeds are about to be filled with goals, wrong decisions, injuries and grown men crying. Unfortunately Ireland didn’t qualify for this years competition so we wont be seeing the Irish fans taking over Russia with their […]