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Bit by Bit is always the best

Our Platform, Yeah Ours"You and us Own it", makes life easier as you can set targets and have life targets achieved with dedication.

Why Should You Join DIB Waves?

Savings Account

An account for making savings to the sacco to make you legible for high instant Loans..


An Account with cash that can be withdrawn to Mobile money, or be used to pay for other services.

Group Account

Account to save money as a group, with other members, and/or borrow group loans.

Development Account

Account for custom saving incase you have a goal you want to save so as to reach.

Car Financing

This is a customized account for someone who wants to reach a goal of purchasing a Car.

Fund Raising

Specially crafted account that can aid in Fund raising in case of a problem/emergency.

Our Partners

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Below are our patners that have joined hands together to ensure smooth services to you as our customer.

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