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By using TUC, all users will be able to conveniently and securely make all the necessary monetary transactions required by daily economic activities such as purchasing goods and using paid services. Furthermore, TUC Tech plans to provide TUC users with a variety of additional services, one of which is a mobile platform that collectively handles business and consumption, community autonomy, and mutual aid.


TUC Introdution

We will establish a new shopping community ecosystem building business that builds trust in shopping and builds a unique community called Like-Minded Community.

  • Private Mining Module

    A Mining Module for the Private Miner. Restricted to prevent commercial mining.

  • Shopping Service Portal

    Regional shopping portal service provided to build Shopping Service.

  • TUCTECH Exchange System

    Personal Exchange Service for the TUCCOIN Exchange.

  • Advertisement System

    Dedicated management system for advertisers for distribution.

  • Personal Wallet

    Support for both wallet and safety wallet (cold wallet) services for user's personal coin management.


TUC Platform

TUCTECH Platform will be an open service that can facilitate various components. It will support various OS's and devices, provides separate participation modules for the circulation structure of the industry. All data used in the various OS's and devices are going to be stored as big data, so as to have statistical meaning by A.I. deep learning in the future. All of these platform systems are aimed to be viewed, managed, and rewarded for all participants in the circulation structure. In the future, this should be able to provide information for production and distribution by providing forecast information based on the preferences of the participants and statistics.


    Provides manufacturers with a broader range of information about distributors and consumers, so you can produce better products.


    The TUCTECH Platform is able to analyze the supply, distribution, and consumption trends based on strong A.I-based customer analysis.


    You have the right to participate in the process of distributing and consuming with the producer, and ultimately know exactly which products are available.


    We hope to improve the production and consumption of products using the community information generated during the distribution process

PORTEM Platform

Together with the PORTEM platform, this protocol provides an effective means addressing all issues related to voting activities. PORTEM simplifies the complexity of existing community management systems and enables them to be implemented in a blockchain. The PORTEM protocol includes a set of tools for building and designing decision-making structures in blockchain and block components. The PORTEM platform is user- and manager-oriented and is the core of all collection of intentions and decision-making. The PORTEM protocol provides a set of efficient tools to create a set of detailed management structures. A user can control how a user is able to manage by providing the user with different types of management model types such as those written on the open platform. Setting the management structure of a blockchain in an open standard is beneficial in many aspects.


PORTEM Platform

The PORTEM platform enables administrators and users to build their controls according to their preferences and make it easy for members to use their agenda settings and voting function.

Unit - Community

Some communities can be large and active. All unit participation is assessed and rewarded in accordance with the overall review mechanism.

Voters - Citizen

All users must participate in any kind of activity within the TUC community, and will be rewarded with participation or contribution evaluation in the network.

Leader - Organizer

leader are community builders who have contributed to the formation of the TUC community. Leaders set the agenda and propose their items to the voters.

Community Committee

Through the actions of the community committee through the PORTEM platform, the TUC will achieve the ideal form of a decentralized but controlled system.


PORTEM is open source software. The software will be released through a transparent process that allows for view of the source codes independently.

Rewards Distribution

All users must participate in any kind of activity within the TUC community, and will be rewarded with contribution evaluation in the network.

Token Distribution

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

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Period 1

1 TUC = $ 0.03 USD

Total Tokens

3,000,000,000 TUC

Period 2

1 TUC = $ 0.045 USD

Tokens to be Distributed


Expected Price

upon going live with Exchange

1 TUC = $ 0.1 USD

Acceptable Currency


Token Distribution

  • Public Distribution
  • Community Distribution
  • A.I Mining / Rewards
  • Advisor & Team

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Among the many features of TUC, a particular emphasis is placed on PORTEM, a community decision-making system platform based on blockchain technology. The traditional voting systems, while costly, still bear the risk of creating false results.

TUC Tech believes PORTEM is the answer. Using blockchain technology, even large communities can collect intentions and complete the decision-making process in a short time. Also, it is impossible for results to be manipulated due to the distributed ledger system.

TUC Tech will provide a new paradigm to innovate global life using blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. In addition, it will work closely with all relevant legislatures, including the government of the state of Wyoming to ensure that everything is achieved within the appropriate legal framework

785-776-8730 (804) 827-2332 white paper (jpn)


The schedule above presented would be changed upon development situation and business environment, sooner or later.

2018 Q4
TUCTech Platform Launch

Wallet Service Open

Go Global Public Exchange

2019 Q1
TUCTECH Platform Upgrade

Global shopping Open

Advertisement service Open

2019 Q2

Exchange System Open

2019 Q3
API Platform Open

TUCTECH Platform 2.0 Open

2019 Q4
TUCTECH Global shopping 2.0 Open
PORTEM 1.0 open

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It has the potential to become a powerful blockchain ecosystem in which all of the members, including manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers, participate and share together.

  • Community System

    If you are going to use a passage of device, you need to be sure there isn't anything middle of text.

    Blockchain currency system that can be distributed according to local situations

    A.I. system for various customer-oriented services

    PLATFORM Management System

  • Payment System

    The consumer can use the payment service conveniently anywhere in the local store with Mobile Payment.

    Smart Mobile Payment System, Payment for Offline/Online Shop

  • AI Mining

    Build a fair and stable compensation system and provide equal opportunity and authority to many users.