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Website design

From single page websites to blobs to ecommerce I can build a website tailored to your audience and needs.

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Website Managment

I monitor and manage websites 24/7 and get instant notification if the site goes down for any reason. Included with management is form tracking and routine maintenance/updates

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Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, unlike when you see a billboard on the highway, we can tell where the visitor came from, general information like probable gender and age range, if that user clicked on an ad, if they called your phone number after clicking an ad and more.


About Me:

Helo. My name is Dave, I have been building and managing websites for over 5 years. I have experience in freelancing, managing, selling and consulting on websites and web applications. I have been in digital marketing for 2 years and have experience in sales, account management and customer relations. Currently I am the Services Manager at JC Whelan where I manage and develop websites, I also act as the mediator between our clients and our development/marketing resources. I have maintained contact and worked with support staff from Google Adwords on behalf of our clients. I have personally developed over 100 websites and web apps, everything from basic single page site to large international Ecommerce websites with over 10,000 products. When it comes to websites, I build and think of websites as an employee who works for you 24/7 but for half the salary. When I build and market websites, my goal is to get in front of a potential customer during their moment of need and present to them our solutions to their problem. At the end of the day, if we can't convert them then we will stay with them for 6 months with subtle reminders that we have services that can assist them. The best part is its free until the user clicks on the ad. I have worked with many clients using software and remarketing to grow their customer review base and their presence on major review sites. A search listing with reviews under the title stands out among the rest. Lastly I never guarantee that I will get you to the top of Google search, I believe that there is no way to guarantee this and anybody who does may be misleading. I can, however, use my experience, research your business, your competitors, your current rankings and combine these techniques to get you presence in search results. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to look over my website and my work.

David Baty


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